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I recently had a fantastic experience with Diversified Roofing.

I called several roofing contractors to get estimates to fix a leak in my roof. Most companies couldn't even schedule an appointment for at least two weeks, and one had the gall of asking for an $85 payment for the estimate alone, which of course I'd have to wait for. The rep from the first company that came to see the roof looked at it with binoculars from the ground and quoted me $1200 to fix the leak and several other items he found. Foolishly, I almost went with that estimate, since I wanted it done soon, but at the last second I called Diversified Roofing for a second opinion.

When the representative (I believe he is the owner) showed up, he immediately got his ladder out and went up on my roof to see what the problem was. When he came to give me the report, he told me the good news was that he had already fixed the leak (with some caulk) and also stuck down some shingles that were sticking up in places. He would not accept any payment for the work, even later when I tried to give him 20 bucks for his time. He also explained that my roof had two layers of shingles, which the binocular-toting gentleman either didn't notice or neglected mention. And then he gave me a quote for further repairs but said my money would be better spent in a few years on a new roof instead of patching the bad flashing job I had, since it would all need to be torn up when a new roof went on anyway.

So not only did they fix my problem for free, they advised against throwing money at a roof that would eventually need to be replaced anyway. I will definitely call Diversified Roofing when it comes time to replace what I have now.

- David G.